Luxury living in record time! Want an interior designer with creative and original proposals but with a fast work schedule? Look no further. We specialize in delivering a quality service while also reducing work periods so that clients can enjoy their finished home in as quickly as fifteen days. (toothbrush included)


Want to spruce up your home but don’t want to spend too much time or money on design retainers and new furniture? We got the solution. Our interior and accessory curation service is a fast and affordable way to improve the design of your property. Besides repositioning key furnishings and reorganizing accessory placement, we also give our clients recommendations for new pieces that will go a long way without breaking the bank.


Is maintaining your home organized and crystal clean becoming a challenge? Worry no more. Our Casa Netta service will deep clean, design and implement unique solutions for your pantries, closets, bathrooms, playrooms or any other space where you need help. Because we clean and design even under your bed.


Looking to make your rental feel like home? We got you covered. Our turn key furniture rental service streamlines and expedites the design process to help you move as fast as possible. So relax and get ready to enjoy your new home.

We will convert your property into a unique and luxurious space.

Sensi Casa is a boutique interior design and home staging firm operating out of Miami, Florida.

Our mission is to assist clients in achieving a high end aesthetic through detail oriented curation that fills a space with luxurious furniture and accessories.

The design concepts we implement prioritize establishing a theme for the property that will either fulfill the vision of homeowners or help it sell in the market.


Our home staging service will help listings garner more attention from brokers and clients. We curate and design each property uniquely while using high quality furnishings. The end result leaves potential buyers envisioning themselves living in the properties we stage, leading to more and faster offers!


Sorellina is our home staging service for smaller properties and budgets with three package options to fit all clients.
Each package includes a 4-month rental and a monthly fee starting at month 5.

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